Thursday, February 2, 2012

Awkward & Awesome

  • Talking at dinner one night with my mom and sister, and my mom says" Laura, that's what you should do..." when my sister said there were such things as puppy massage therapists.  As much as I love puppies... I'd feel a little odd with that title on a business card.
  • When my sister and I were taking her boston terriers for a walk we ended up getting sidetracked down a street with a whole bunch of sticky things (not sure what they are called), and they were getting stuck in the dogs' feet.  We then proceeded to CARRY the dogs down the side of the road. Not even an hour before I made fun of a woman walking her dog in the neighborhood carrying it saying that doesn't qualify as walking the dog!  OOOPS. 
  • I'm pretty sure that I go to this sushi restaurant called Hapa so much near my house they are beginning to know what I will order every time and sit me in the same area EVERY time. 
  • Going grocery shopping to prepare for our ski trip this weekend at 3:45 today and nearly having a panic attack because the store was over flooded with people.  Walt then suggested it was because it was going to snow tonight.  1) People should still be working until 5 in my head, the ground is still drive. 2) Then speed up the process and don't' walk slowly down the aisles when there are 10 people behind you!
  • Going home to Tulsa last Thursday and getting to extend my stay until yesterday! I was supposed to go home Monday and my sister ended up getting her schedule changed. It was much needed family time I must say. 
  • While Mia was stuck in Denver with the BF and Allie, I had a sleepover with Harley bug (my sister's boston pictures above) to make up for not having a cat to cuddle with.  Yep... and she sleeps UNDER the covers! Weird dog. 
  • I'm beyond excited for our ski trip in Vail with our KC friends this weekend!!! There is actually a decent amount of snow on the mountains so this should be our first GREAT ski this year.  Finally!!!! 
  • Getting an interview for next week... Things are lookin' up!
  • I am announcing my giveaway winner tomorrow - first one of the New Year.  Hurry up and enter while ya can.  Ends tonight at midnight!

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