Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is in the Air...

For my weekly gift idea for a Valentine's Day, I came across this picture when messing around online and fell in LOVE with it.

I love converse shoes... and love the idea of making something that would normally not strike you as romantic, romantic. It is who is behind the photo being taken and the extra effort they go to show someone how much they love and care for them.  With that said, I wanted to attempt a similar picture of my own with my very own converse shoes inside (since it's still disgusting outside here in Kansas City).

Props to Tyler Burrus for the photo idea and being an inspiration!  If you have a favorite pair of sneaks or something with laces (i.e if you're a runner and you and your significant other are active people could be fun to use your running shoes!) you can try it out yourself.  OR if you are interested I can send you this photo!

If you want to take it a step further.... this weekend I also came across this great blog Between the Lines which featured some awesome ideas for vintage style frames that you can do yourself which would look great with any picture!  I thought this was such a cool idea and cheap too especially if you hit up your local Hobby Lobby when they are having their 50% off frame sales (which I feel like is ALL THE TIME).

"Between the Lines" DIY Vintage Style Frame


  1. Love that sneak pic!!...I gotta do a copy-cat version of it myself!...Isn't it funny how even though you can looove pics, your frames can still display the generic people they came with?...I'm with you on having to get my pics printed and finally giving them a proper frame to display them in!..cute green frame btw! ^_^

  2. LuLu you are awesome!! Thanks for featuring my frames.

  3. Absolutely LOVE this shoe string shot. Very clever!


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