Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giddy Up!

Remember how I said I had quite the busy past few weeks? Part of this was due to horseback riding in Estes Park with my friend Kara, her BF Chad, and Walter (my BF).

We saw a pretty good deal on Groupon a while back and thought it would be fun to mix it up and do something outdoorsy once Walt and I moved to Denver.  Little did I know when we planned this weekend that I'd be hot off my training session and not moved into my place.... That freak out moment aside when I realized all of that, it was a great decision to go horseback riding! It was peaceful (other than the horses taking enormous poops while walking on a skinny trail), and beautiful.

Kara even went the extra mile to reserve a cute little cottage for us to stay in for the night that was right up the street from The River Rocks Lodge (you may remember this hotel from "The Shining"), where we went to look around and have a  drink just to say we went there :)

Now onto my favorite part. The pictures!

Notice anything strange with this picture???

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best Night... EVER!

To preface this, you are really not going to find this post interesting at all unless you A) Watch "True Blood" on HBO B) Know who Alexander Skarsgard is.

So if that applies to YOU. Hollar at a girl when she gets to actually be at the SAME party AND take a picture with Alexander Skarsgard!

Long story short, on my mini trip to NYC with my new co-workers during my training we went to a long dinner and didn't get out until about 11-12 at night. With the night young (for New Yorkers apparently) we met up with my friend/co-workers friend who lives in the city.  We met her after a forever cab ride (at least it felt like forever) at at small bar.  None of us had ever heard of it but went with the flow.  We walk upstairs to find there are about 20-25 people at this "bar" which we come to find is just a small party where people are singing karaoke.  I head into the bathroom to freshen up to then walk out and have my friends tell me "ERIC NORTHMAN IS HERE."  My friend Mal, who is just as obsessed with the show and HIM as I am, drops this huge bomb on me and I literally about peed my pants.  My other friend had to tell me to calm the heck down so I didn't seem like a freak. All I wanted to do when I went to NYC was to SEE an actor/actress, and there was one about 5 feet from me. WHATTTTT!!!!

Ok I said long story short... so here goes the short.  Basically with there only being 20ish people there Mal and I felt simply walking up to Alexander would be weird and draw too much attention and possibly get us kicked out.  So we opted for our other option.  Ballet and spas dance 10 ft from him to get his attention.  Yes I just said that, and yes we did that. I'm a dork and will do just about anything to have a good time especially when it involves getting an actors attention.  I'm definitely not discrete by any means :)

Mal wanted to go outside for a minute and I told her I'd go with her to then see Alexander and his posse leaving the bar.  This was our chance! We followed them out (since we were already going out there... wink wink), to find paparazzi taking pictures of him.  Dang it. Now how would I get a picture.... So with that I gave up.

Yah right... I was not leaving without a picture.  I ended up really giving up for about 5 seconds, to then have someone say look he is stuck at the cross walk.  I grabbed Mal and we sprinted over to take a picture with him.  Ahh.... relief. SUCCESS.  Gosh he is tall isn't he? I'm 5'9" if that says anything about this picture.

Welp that's all folks.  Met Alexander Skarsgard (i.e. Eric Northman from True Blood) and went to the same small party as him and danced with him (well at him - same thing).

Excuse my crappy picture... my iPhone served as my camera although especially at this point I'd much rather have my other, nicer camera! Oh well.  A picture is a picture when you are talking about one WITH/OF an actor/actress, right?

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I See, You See.

Hey There!


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I went to training in NJ for the new job, made a short trip to NYC over the weekend (amazing most awesome pic to come tomorrow!) and then I got back to Denver to immediately turn around Friday to go to Estes Park with some friends for horseback riding, and then moved in Sunday and here I am Day 3 with the new job finally able to catch somewhat of a breathe.

I will update you on my whereabouts and some of the pictures I was able to take while I was incognito.

But now back to the Tuesday "I See, You See" posts.  I feel awful I wasn't able to keep on top of these the past couple of weeks, but what's a girl to do when there isn't internet access?

This week's theme: SWEET

To me I immediately thought of this little puppy's picture I took while at the ranch in Estes Park for horseback riding.  She was so adorable, sweet, and everything in between.  Those light blue eyes just blew me away.  After getting her to sit still for about two seconds I got the SWEEEETEST picture of her. PS if you want to know she is an Australian Shepard and she was three months old.

Oh go ahead and stare at her.  She is adorable! Makes you want a puppy doesn't it :)

Meggy's take on something sweet this week was....

I'm a sweets-aholic to a fault!  For example, I was at some of my friends' engagement party this past weekend and was immediately drawn to these beautiful cheesecakes.  Not only because they were so beautifully done and decorated, but because I wanted to stick two forks (one for me and one for the baby, of course) in them and start tasting them right away!  But I made my husband proud and withstood until the future bride and groom went through the line, then there I was next to get that taste!  (The raspberry cheesecake was delish by the way).

Looks soooo yummy (and sweet) doesn't it???

Hope you are all having a good start to your week.  I promise to be more dedicated now!
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm Still Here...

My apologies.... I've been absent this past weekend and will likely not be posting as frequently over the next week and a half.  I'm in NJ training for my new company so not much time in there for taking pictures worth you seeing :)

But I promise, if I get a spare second and some great pics I will be right here posting them.  Just wanted to keep you updated on my whereabouts for the upcoming week or so.

Have a happy Monday!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Wedding Weekend

Are you all getting tired of me going to all these weddings and talking about them yet?

Too bad :) I have one more.  I've got seven down and one more to go for the year! In the mean time how about I show you what this past one looked like?  I am so glad I took so many pictures (and passed along my camera to a friend for some other candid shots) so I could share them with the bride and groom to remember the evening.

Speeches - Bride with Groom and His Brothers
My Fav! 
Bobby, Anne, Me, and Walt
Anne with the Boys
Anne and Bobby
At the Ceremony
Groom's Cake
Now onto the Awkward and Awesome of my week this week - sorry I started this a couple of weeks ago and didn't get around to it last week.


  • Saying goodbye to some of my friends before moving to then see them a few hours later after I just cried my eyes out... 
  • The waiter at dinner asking if we were hot sitting outside because they turned on the heater (yah it's really not that cold), my response well you can take off your shirt.... and he says what?! And then I respond by saying well your in black and him thinking I told him he WAS black. Little miscommunication
  • Talking to a friend's parents at the wedding this weekend and them telling me thanks for being nice to Geogie and me thinking for one second they were talking about a a guy.... nope they were talking about their daughter I had just met and talked to the night before. OOPS! 
  • My friend peeing on my couch... they shall remain nameless but GEEZE cleaning up someone else's pee is NOT my cup of tea.  
  • Going to our good friend's beautiful wedding in KC to have a fantastic weekend with some of our best friends before moving
  • Moving to Denver - DUH! 
  • Starting my job this week - well sorta - I took a whole bunch of tests and actually PASSED! Even the sexual harassment test :) I tend to have a natural mind and let whatever come to it come out of my mouth... my friends thought this would pose a challenge when taking the test
  • Getting two dogs this week.  Not really... but staying at my BF's parents house they have two of the cutest dogs and they sleep with me every night and sleep all up in my business.  Which I LOVE since I love to cuddle
  • Having dinner with my bestie Kara tonight to celebrate us being back in the same state again after both moving from KC (her 3 months ago - me this week)
  • The weather in Denver, while it's been a little rainy the past couple of days, the fact it's not 100 degrees is amazing! 

Welp... that's all for tonight! I hope you all have an amazing night!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I See, You See.

Let's pretend today is Tuesday shall we?  Let's also pretend that I didn't' say the theme was food for today.  At my going away party last week Meggy and I were throwing ideas back and forth for this week's ISUS and I completely forgot we changed it from food to....


Obviously my head needed a couple extra days to clear things up before I started to post again don't you think?

Any who, I have the perfect example of bittersweet in my opinion.  Of course it is related to the fact I just made one of the biggest life changes to date.  On my last night in Kansas City, some friends, Walt and I went to dinner.  They surprised Walt and I with something very sweet, but also bitter since it was just a reminder that we really were moving and weren't going to see all our good friends as often. Would you believe when I lifted it up to take another picture after this the cake completely fell off the the plate onto the table.. yep that is bittersweet too :)

As for Meggy, she had a clever bittersweet picture this week too!

Ooops, this long weekend made Tuesday a hard one!  It came and went and I missed getting my photo ready for our weekly I See, You See.  Apologies!  But better late than never, my bittersweet moment this week: the weather.  Love fall so much.  It's my favorite because the comfortable temperatures, clothing options, layers, jackets, fresh air, being able to be outside, I could go on... but the falling temps also scare me!  That means winter is closer.  Terrible snow storms, ice, freezing snot under my nose when I try to go outside, you know - the usual.  Winter I do not like.  So fall, I love you, but you are bittersweet to me.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Day Is It?

Oh it's Tuesday....All day I thought it was Monday. In fact, so did Meggy.  We were emailing back and forth about our "I See, You See" thinking it was TOMORROW.  Ooops. So our apologies we have to push our "I See, You See" to tomorrow since we both got a little behind with the long weekend.

So for today I will keep it short and sweet.  As you can tell I've been a little M.I.A.  This weekend was filled with going away celebrations, wedding festivities, moving to Denver (yep... I'm officially in Denver now).

Yesterday was my first time on the road for over five hours alone (well Mia was with me).  The drive was probably the most boring 8 hours of my life.  Walt had forewarned me about how there isn't much to look at on the way from KC to Denver, but did tell me to keep an eye out for the wind farm in Kansas about 2.5 hours into the drive.  So here we have it... the most exciting part of my drive (sorry for the sloppy iPhone photo - it was dangerous enough doing this let alone using my huge camera!)

This wind farm was literally in the middle of NOWHERE and went on for MILES!!!

Stay tuned for our ISUS tomorrow, our theme is FOOD! YUM!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What a View

Day two of my NYC blog posts.  Still on day one of my trip.  You have to understand.... by the time I got into NYC late Thursday night, I was informed of a giant hurricane that was headed my way and was supposed to hit Sunday night.  Aside from my desire to actually witness a real live hurricane, I soon realized this could totally rain on my parade for my NYC vacay. With that thought in mind, Katie, Kara and I decided we better make the most out of the one day we knew we would for sure get to go out and about in the city before the storm hit.

We walked 100 miles.. well no not really. It was probably about five, but MAN my feet hurt.

*Note to self (and anyone visiting NYC): Walking around NYC in flip flops is just about the worst idea EVER.

After much back and forth, we finally decided to go to the tourist attraction "Top of the Rock." Now I have Katie and Kara to thank for being good friends about this.  Katie lives in NYC so no real reason to go to the top of this building, and Kara had recently visited NYC and did the tourist stuff so it wasn't on the top of her list of things to do this time around.  But with all of the rooftop bars closed until 5, which to me was just weird in itself, we had some time to kill in the afternoon.  So thanks ladies for doing that for me!

View of the Empire State Building

View of Central Park
Katie, Kara, Me
Want to hear something crazy?

These pictures were taken with my iPhone!!! I used the Camera+ App which is my favorite app EVER on the iPhone. I strongly suggest it.  This phone has completely replaced my small digital camera I used to carry everywhere with me in college.  Thank God for Apple.

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