Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I See. You See.

Playing off of yesterday's Halloween post I'm excited for today's "I See. You See"

Thanks to Jenn for suggesting this theme

Yesterday I gave you a sneak peak at our costumes.  Today is show and tell! For the telling part.... Up until this past Friday I had zero intension of dressing up for Halloween weekend.  I hate the idea of paying $50+ on something I will wear once, most likely ruin or lose it in the course of 12 months until the next Halloween comes around. That being said, once I heard that the rest of our group was planning on dressing up, I knew I couldn't go out in normal clothes. I called my sister and gave her a warning that we would have to scrounge for a costume when she got into town on Saturday. She didn't like this, but went with it.

We ran to the local Spirit Halloween store and went searching.  We walked in and the line to check out was all the way to the back of the store a good 30 minutes long. So we immediately knew we had to pick out something fast! Basically everything was picked over not leaving many options other than being a slutty bumble bee, or a Glee cheerleader. That is until we saw the "Wet T-Shirt Contest" costume! It included GIANT fake boobs, a see through shirt, and a sash saying "Wet T-Shirt Winner." It was in our price range and after trying it on over my shirt and getting some weird looks we knew that is what we wanted to be.

We got all dolled up and out we went. We went out not anticipating much reaction out of the costume assuming someone else had the same one since it was mass produced.  Little did we know that we would be felt up 100s of times! Majority girls.... which was just weird. But apparently people loved it! Who knew!!?  What do you think?  Think they look real??

My boobs are a little cockeyed (hence why I won the wet t-shirt contest), but overall my favorite costume of all time! These puppies may just be incorporated in next year's costume.

Now for Meggy's take on this week's theme. She went a little more appropriate than I did :)

I'm sitting at home handing out candy this year, but munching on my favorite seasonal snack: peanuts & candy corn!  I allow myself this perfect mixture of salty & sweet around Halloween every year (with a few candy pumpkins, too, but those are long gone)!  What is your favorite Halloween or seasonal treat??

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