Wednesday, May 30, 2012


You know when you are getting older when you friends are having kids left and right, right????

To sum it up, I left KC back in September and since then TWO of my friends had little babies. One was almost 6 months (ChasingDavies) and one was just four days old!  It's just crazy to me and it's also a reminder I am NOT there yet.  While their little babies were cute as can be, that much responsibility all rolled up into one is one heck of a scary thought.  I'll settle with getting a dog before I ever consider a kid :)

BUT...I loved soaking up their little baby faces while I had chance.

Introducing... Taryn Marie.  Four days old in these pictures.

And then there's Megan of ChasingDavies little babes, Liam just under 6 months.

The difference between the two besides the obvious gender differences...?

One I was afraid to sneeze or else I'd break her and the other I didn't (well sorta... a little.... but not as scary).  Maybe my kids should come out at age 3 when he/she is less breakable.

Check out the rest of the cuties --->

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding Bliss.

This past March I went to the BF's best friend's wedding.  His wife, Audrey, has become one of my favorite people here in Denver (she's an Austin native) so a newby like me.

The wedding took place at Pelican Hill in Newport, California.  It was a gorgeous location and an unbelievable wedding so I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of the weekend.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back with Beck.


After much thinking, debating, and procrastinating I have decided it's time to rev up my little blog engine.

As you may or may not (shame on you for not checking back daily - JK) noticed, I took a mini-vacay from my blogging.  To put it out there I had gotten laid off right before Christmas (fun stuff that pharma sales), and committed to looking for a new job 100%. After three months (yes 3....the job market is rough...) I finally landed myself a job at an awesome agency here in Denver. Aside from that, I used my little three month vacation,  well I'd like to look at it like a vacation, I hyped up my traveling to visit friends and family and enjoy it while it lasted.  Yes not having job was horrible financially, but you know when sometimes you need to reset yourself after a while, that was me. It was a blessing in disguise.

Now jumping right in, and what better way than with a cutie pie.  Beck.  Beck is the BF's cousin and he is the cutest little guy ever. Over the years I've seen him grow up.  The kid hates to smile during pictures... until recently I came to find out.  You watch him in his element of monkeying around at the zoo and you have a happy little boy.

I tell you what... this kid should be a model for Gap kids ;)  So adorable.

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