Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding Bells - Round 4

And when I say round 4, I mean this is the fourth wedding in 2011.  Four down, four left to go.

This past weekend I went to a wedding in Lawrence, Kansas.  The wedding itself was at Potter's Lake, which is right on campus and has beautiful scenery all around.  The reception took place at Abe & Jake's Landing, which is typically a bar, however, it turns into a HUGE reception hall for weddings and other events which is the great thing about it.

I've known Shelby and Cody for EIGHT years! Geez it seems like it was just yesterday when I met them both in my dorm my Freshman year in college. Cody threw for the KU track team that I was on, and Shelby was a diver on the KU swim team.  I remember seeing them flirt and giggle in the hallway and eventually that little flirtation grew into a relationship our Sophomore year Summer. I always knew they'd end up together, it was just a matter of when.  After many years of waiting, Cody finally popped the question! Now here I am writing about their great wedding!

The first few pictures were taken at Potter's lake, I was using my Canon G11 since my new camera hadn't arrived yet (after breaking the EOS 10d  at wedding #2).

Shelby's Mom walking her down the aisle
Shelby and Cody saying the vows they wrote for each other

Their 1st kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Roberts
Now onto the reception.  I opted for more dancing at this wedding then taking pictures, so I decided to show you two of my favorite things about this wedding.

The first thing.... the guest book.  Shelby's sister painted this gorgeous guest book and all the guests dabbed their thumb in green ink and placed their imprint on the bare tree limbs to turn it into a tree.  This was something new I'd never seen, or even heard of before.  What a GREAT idea.  I am in love with it and thought it was so clever and now they can display it in their home for all to see. If you notice the "R" in the left hand corner it's their monogram that was included on all the wedding invites.

The other thing that I loved about the wedding was the groom's cake.  Of course the bride's cake was beautiful and so yummy, however, the groom's cake was truly representative of him. He has been training for years to be a trainer and now is doing what he has always strived to do and took it a step further and made the groom's cake a barbell weight! Cute, right?

I actually really love the lighting on the cakes for this picture too.  Love when I "accidentally" get a great photo!

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  1. Awww what a beautiful wedding! That's her mom? What the...ok - they look like sisters! And I love BOTH of their dresses :) Great shot of the family tree. Sigh...I love weddings!


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