Wednesday, May 30, 2012


You know when you are getting older when you friends are having kids left and right, right????

To sum it up, I left KC back in September and since then TWO of my friends had little babies. One was almost 6 months (ChasingDavies) and one was just four days old!  It's just crazy to me and it's also a reminder I am NOT there yet.  While their little babies were cute as can be, that much responsibility all rolled up into one is one heck of a scary thought.  I'll settle with getting a dog before I ever consider a kid :)

BUT...I loved soaking up their little baby faces while I had chance.

Introducing... Taryn Marie.  Four days old in these pictures.

And then there's Megan of ChasingDavies little babes, Liam just under 6 months.

The difference between the two besides the obvious gender differences...?

One I was afraid to sneeze or else I'd break her and the other I didn't (well sorta... a little.... but not as scary).  Maybe my kids should come out at age 3 when he/she is less breakable.

Check out the rest of the cuties --->



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  1. Cute babies, i'd love to kiss them all :D

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  4. Awww they are adorable! You can't beat that kind of cuteness. Love this post!


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