Monday, March 7, 2011

Farewell... For Now.

Well... tonight was the last time we'll see Little Lisa on The Bachelor, but who knows what's in-store for her next!

Didn't you just love her outfit tonight? ChasingDavies can get your all caught up on Lisa's style and more!

Fun fact... those were my earrings and bracelet she was wearing ;)

To to wrap things up for Lisa on The Bachelor this season I wanted to show you the roses she did come away with on the show! Who needs real ones when you can get them right there on your feet?

Don't forget to follow Lisa on Twitter! She gets to start tweeting after next week's show and she's all yours! I'm on there too if you want to give me a follow as well!

So back to the real question... who do you think will win?  Chantel or Emily?  I'm DYING for Emily to win!!!

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  1. LOOOVE that pic!, and such a clever way to sneak in the bachelor..hehehe...maybe a tiptoe step on his face? lol *_^


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