Friday, March 4, 2011


Today we gave Kristin a surprise shower at work!

We really thought we had her fooled until she came over to my desk at 3:15 (party was at 4) asking "What's going on?"  I immediately tried to change the subject to work.  Attempt one was a semi-success, although I felt like she could read it on my face that something was up.

Around 3:45 she comes back saying something is going on... I was said, "what do you mean something is going on?"  She says, "I dunno I just feel like something is going on..." At this point, my heart was RACING trying to think of things to say to derail her again, and went on to say I don't know what you're talking about I'm gonna go work out you can find me in there if you need me... hoping that she believed me... but knew my face said it all.

I took all my stuff and run downstairs to our decorated conference room with my two cameras and hid behind two chairs awaiting her surprise.

She was "surprised" from what it looked like, but then openly admitted she caught on around 3 today due to little clues here and there.

Oh well... she still loved every minute of it and was grateful for her surprise which was all that mattered!

Kristin after her surprise! 
Cupcake A La Mode Cupcakes
White Wine Sangria - Made by Angela Hunter
Opening her fire pit from our department
I'm so excited for her wedding I can hardly wait.  Get here already April 9th!!!

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  1. You are the sweetest, and I was proud of how straight-faced you were when I kept coming over! Love you friend!


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