Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Daily Battle.

I thought I'd let you know a little more about me through this blog post. I wanted to let you know about my daily battle with something that is imaginably one the the crazier things you might ever see.

My hair.

Since I was a kid I have battled with it.  Every. Single. Day. I wash it just like any normal person does.  I brush it in the shower hoping to get rid of some of the knots, and then put it up in a towel while I get ready.    Then the inevitable comes, time to do the hair. I pull the towel off my head and BAM. This is what I get...

WHY?  Why does this happen?  I have tried everything to avoid my 10 minute battle of just getting my hair to brush out.  All and all it will go perfectly smooth after some TLC of brushing, blow drying, and straightening/curling it. But man... nothing makes me hate showering more than having to deal with this battle every time!


  1. Hilarious pic! I've actually heard that wrapping your hair in a towel can cause this (or make it worse).

  2. oh you and me both sister! My hair has a lot of wave/curl in it and HATES to be washed. A freshly washed hair day is a don;t leave the house day for me

  3. 2 words- Brazillian Blowdry! I had the same prob w/ my hair as you and im not even kidding it may have been worse! I got the bb in January and seriously swear by it!!!!!!

  4. Nice picture! :) I agree, though I haven't tried it, I've hear Brazilian Blowouts are the way to go!

    I think we all have our fair share of hair troubles, if it's not one thing then its another, oye!



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