Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I See. You See- Week 4

This week it's I SEE.  Megan is on vacay with her family right now (SO JEALOUS) so wasn't able to make it to class, but once she gets back I'll show you her sunset picture too!

Assignment: Take two pictures inside using the AWB (Auto White Balance) and tungsten settings & take two pictures outside at sunset using the same settings.

I was not pleased AT ALL with my inside pictures.  I took pictures of my running shoes and it turned out blah so I'll save your eyes and keep that one to myself.

I did however love my sunset picture.  Of course I waited until last night, night before our assignment was due, to go take the picture.  Walt walked to the park down the street with me and gave me some photos ideas too which was fun!

Here is what I came out with:

Tungsten Photo

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