Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lucky Us!

Lucky for Megan and I we have access to our friend Drew at work who is awesome with cameras and can talk photography ALL DAY.

We set up a quick little "teach us everything you know in 30 minutes" session with Drew today to figure out some things we've been dying to learn in our class but haven't quite mastered it.

Photo blurring.  Basically we wanted to know how to blur the background of pictures and getting the person in the front (full body) perfectly clear.  We mastered how to do this with objects up close, but couldn't figure it out how to do it for our desired full body pictures.  Turns out... our lens' are not up to par and time to invest in a fixed focal lens like this one!!! Ugh... more $$$. But at least this is a reasonable price.  The other fixed focal lens (50mm 1.4 was upwards of $275+).  All and all he said it wasn't necessary to get that type of lens yet. This is an expensive hobby!

If YOU want to know how to do the simple blur background with an image close up here's a quick how to:
  1. Put your camera in aperture priority mode
  2. Get your camera set on the lowest F Stop. This varies camera to camera.  My lowest is 5.6.
  3. Get close to your subject or object whichever you are shooting and get the little box or dot in your viewfinder to focus on an object and when you see what you want to be in focus and the background blur... CLICK!
  4. Takes some practice but love these pictures if you can't tell.  They are my favorites especially when there is a lot going on around your subject/object.
  5. Another option could be to to use Photoshop if you have it.  I used to do that and still do for some photos until I get my new lens.  Here are the best instructions I have found

Good news is though Drew dumbed it down for us and we finally are figuring out how to perfect our up close blurred photos! So a big thanks to Drew for teaching us goobers how to do something we should have figured out long ago!

My attempt at the blurred photo

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  1. I think your attempt looks great!

    That's so nice of him to help you!


  2. He's great! I love the shoe pic! So cool.

  3. Oh how awesome.. Iv always wanted to master that as well.. cant get it right lol

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