Saturday, December 24, 2011


Remember how I mentioned the other day life was getting a little boring sitting inside job searching all day and night.

Well FINALLY when I reached Monday this week I really had something to look forward to. The Deb Ball.

My boyfriend's little sister was a post-debutant at this years Deb Ball and I was lucky enough to be invited.  When I saw "black tie" on the invitation I was immediately stressed thinking I have zero long formal dresses to wear to this thing.  But thanks to Black Friday this year, I fell in love with this BCBG dress from Saks and it was at least 40% off! Now that is my idea of a steal! With my dress purchased, deciding to wear shoes I already had, I gave my Nanna (g'ma for most of you) a call. She LOVES antique jewelry and has more jewelry than anyone else I know.  She was nice enough to mail over some jewelry she had for me to choose from and voila it all came together.  With a last minute purchase of crystal earrings from Banana I was set.

After deciding to wear my hair up, I searched on Pinterest and the Google for hours to find a DIY hairdo.  The idea of someone else messing with my hair with the anticipation that I knew I'd probably hate it, I thought I'd save myself the money and stress and do it myself. Alas, I found a DIY tutorial for a high bun (that involded a sock - check it out here).  It looked simple enough, and although it took me several tries to get it right, I think I mastered it (with thanks to Teale for the assistance as well). 

Finally we headed off to the ball. It was a BLAST! Everyone looked stunning.We danced all night long. I even had some random old man come up to me and say girl you've got so much energy when we finally left the dance floor.

Here I am today, two days later with my feet STILL killing me.  But it was all worth it! I had the best night of my life - to date :)

Walt, Me, Teale, Carl (Walt's older bro)

My Prince Charming

Teale and Me

Me with Bethany (Walt's Little Sis)

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  1. You look gorgeous. Definitely worth the sore feet. :)


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