Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I See. You See.

And we're back!

After a short break and a baby Meggy and I are back in action for our weekly ICUC.

This week's theme: CHRISTMAS (of course)

So instead of showing you what I got for Christmas this year, I thought I'd show you just how weird my sister is :)  My sister is OBSESSED with boston terrier dogs. I mean obsessed.  Not only does she have one pair of doggy p.j's but she asked for more dog p.j's (specifically boston terriers) for Christmas.  I refused... but my mom fell weak to my sisters insane obsession and gave it.  The awesome sister I am (no really I am....right, Katie?) I went with an iPhone clutch from Michael Kors knowing my sister needed a new purse and I LOVE coming up with great gifts to give as a surprise.

Which do you like better??

Now for new mommy Meggy.

Mommy's lil elf. My Christmas revolved around my best present ever...

Cute isn't he?  Oh little Liam how I wish I could hold you here in Denver with me! But for now I will just follow along on your mommy's new baby blog!

Don't forget to share some of your ICUC theme ideas with us! We love the challenge.  Email me at lmajor9(Dot) or tweet me and include #ICUC.

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