Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Apparently that is me lately :)  No I'm just kidding.  I will say that unemployment has given me the much needed rest, missing social life I've been needing since move to Denver.

Trust me I know that I have been neglecting this little blog here, and apologize.  Trust me on this when I say that it's probably for the best.  I wish I had new exciting stories and pictures to show you! Being cooped up in my house looking for jobs regularly doesn't really prove to be all that entertaining to anyone other than my cat.  She gets more attention now than EVER.  She loves it.

But with that being said, back to my first paragraph, I've begun balancing my "search efforts" with my social life.  In fact, last night I had girls night with some friends I met out here in Denver and some college friends that also happened to move out here.

Unbeknownst to us, we ended up at a close restaurant that had BOGO on wine and Tuesday Trivia. Both of those things are equally amazing. Mostly because the more wine we drank made some of us better at trivia (me not included...).  Overall though... a great, much needed night.

And yes.  Our table looked insane with all these wine glasses :)

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  1. ended my night last night with wine & twinkle lights. really anything goes good with wine!

  2. Love the pic. What a wonderful night!! Let's do it again soon!


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