Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awkward & Awesome


  • Interviews where strange questions are asked... such as "What magazine would you be on the cover  of and what would it say about you?" Um... long pause... longer pause... why in the world I said "Cosmo" - the SEX magazine I used to read in airports when I was in college one will never know.  Women's Health is what I SHOULD have said but the brain fart didn't allow for it. Ooops
  • To follow on that comment, being asked, "What cartoon would you be?" and my response was "a combo of go-go gadget and tazmanian devil."  Who am I? WHAT?!
  • Wearing heels.  Now I am 5'9" and I love to wear heels (for the look not the comfort), however, it pains me to be around short people because I feel so dang awkward. They look awkward looking up at me and I feel awkward because I tend to lean down as if I can't hear them from way up there. Something I will always have to deal with, but after meeting the shortest woman ever this week while I was in heels just reiterated that thought.
  • Custom Spray Tans.  Standing naked in front of a perfect stranger with freezing air blowing at you. Nuff said. That is awkward.  
  • Picking out Walt's V-Day gift - picking out gifts for guys is insanely hard.  


  • To my last awkward comment least the spray tan resulted in sprayed on abs as well.  Hollar! 
  • I'm going to Vegas with my besties TODAYYYYYYYY!!!! Can.NOT.Wait.
  • I had 3 interviews in one week! And have one already set up for Monday.  I'm finally on a roll!
  • My V-Day gift from the BF.  See above. I've been talking about how I wanted to buy a Tempurpedic pillow and the guy listened without me even knowing! Most exciting gift ever! Well not really but awesome gift - props to Walt.
  • Finally figuring out what to get the BF for V-Day.  Cologne.  After sniffing cologne for hours, I stumbled across this amazing smelling cologne "Lanuit Del Homme" by Wes Saint Laurent. I was hesitant to buy for him since he doesn't wear it often, but figured since he claims he can't smell anything it was better for me to get it for him versus him picking out his own scent.  Who knows where that nose will lead him :) Love ya babe! 

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