Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I See. You See.

What better time to throw out the "drink" theme than now?  This week's ICUC is "What we're drinking."

With Super Bowl this weekend, having friends in town for skiing and entertaining, and making dinner tonight.  I'm not going to lie... I definitely had more than a couple of drinks.  Can you guess which one I did not have a drink for...? The Super Bowl. Yup, sadly I didn't' get around to watching it this year.  But I did win the bet with Walt that the Giants were going to win.

As for Meggy... since she can now have a drink here and there, this is what she saw this week:

What I consumed this weekend... Okay, not all of this is mine.  We had friends over for a big basketball game Saturday, but I did enjoy a beer then and again during the Super Bowl game.  Yes, two beers in a weekend is a lot for me right now.  I'm slowly getting my mojo back after 10 mos (and a precious baby) of not even a sip!  What is your favorite adult beverage?


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  2. "I'm sorry. I'm drunk."

    - Unknown

    But maybe - yk


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