Saturday, February 26, 2011

What a Wall

About two years ago when Lisa and I moved into our house we both soon realized we had very few pieces of furniture along with ZERO wall decorations.

I was lucky enough to get passed down some furniture from my parents and inherit their style for the next few years as far as the furniture problem went... however, we still had bare walls.

Fast forward a year, still with our bare walls, except for those frames hanging up with strangers' faces still smiling in them, and a huge space above our couch we were dying to fill. That year, my mom had purchased a great wall decoration that she couldn't decide if she loved or not.  I helped her out tremendously, I LOVED it! I also knew the perfect place to put it. Problem solved!


  1. What a cool decoration! Is it from a local artist/store or is it something I can find here in good old Milwaukee? I just love it!!

  2. She got it from a local florist in Tulsa. The place is called Tony's florist if your ever in the area! Doesn't seem like it would be terribly hard to make either


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