Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Wonderland

So if you've kept up with the news this week, you already know that Kansas City, along with multiple other cities were hit but a huge blizzard Tuesday.  We got up to 15 inches of snow if you can believe it!?

One of my favorite types of pictures to take right now are snow-related as I showed off yesterday and the last snow storm we had. I love the glistening white and how the sun reflects off of it.  I love how you can make your own picture (like Angela and Matt did yesterday) by forming the snow however you want it, or throw snowballs at the camera and its explodes at the perfect time to catch a picture.

Yesterday Lisa and I did some experimenting since we were stuck at home and were getting some major cabin fever.  I had seen a picture a while back when I was looking at snow pictures other people had taken and I loved the idea of blowing the snow at the camera with bright pink lipstick to make the picture pop.

Poor Lisa was once again the subject of my photo shoot considering she is a lot better at blowing snow than Mia (my cat) is, and those were my only two options for this photo attempt. So thank you Lisa for being patient and freezing your little fingers by holding snow balls for me!


  1. what a pretty picture! I love pictures in the snow. I just don't like shoveling it!

  2. Agreed! Shoveling is the worst! I'm still sore from shoveling two days ago!!


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