Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Things are Deceiving

Last week I went to lunch with my friend Sarah to this place called Lu Lu's,  which is a thai noodle shop near my work.

They recently opened a new location which is much more vibrant and open than their old location,  and it also has some unique decorations that I just loved and wanted to share with you. 

Now what do you suppose this is? 

Well yes, I know they are wood stumps.... but they are also wall decorations!!! 

Isn't this great? I thought this was a unique, creative way to fill the walls in the restaurant.  It makes you take a second look and think... "How can I do something like that in my house?" Right? 

Too bad I live in a rental and there is nowhere to do anything like this in my house :( Guess that is why I take all these pictures, so someday I will have something to look back on and figure out fun ways to decorate my future home! 


  1. that is definitely different... my brother works for a refurbished wood company. he'd love this

  2. If he tries it you will have to let me know!

  3. Such a fab idea! I would love something like this on one of my walls.


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