Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Me. Max.

After putting up yesterday's post, I realized it was only fair to introduce you to the rest of my furry friends in Tulsa.

Meet Max. It's my mom's little Maltese she got about a year ago.  He is cute and cuddly, but not very bright if you ask me. 

We found him when searching through local ads in the newspaper about two Thanksgivings ago.  My sister, Katie, was adamant about convincing my mom to get a puppy.

We started off at the pound, which only led to my mom having a near anxiety attack because she wasn't wanting a new puppy.

Then we went back to the drawing board, the local ads in the newspaper.  Katie circled multiple types of dogs, english bulldogs, maltese, yorkies, all the small dogs she could find.

I KNEW I didn't want to have an english bulldog around the house because I wanted something somewhat active, so I said " Mom, you know that when you get older people are going to start comparing you to your dog, right?"

Yep.  That did the trick.  Down to the maltese and yorkie puppies.  We went to a man's house who had both.  Most of which were scrappy versions of these dogs, until I saw Max.  He was cute and fluffy and had a big personality! My mom fell in love and immediately whipped out her check book.  How could she resist this him?


  1. Yup...this is a cute dog. Wonderful portraits, too, by the way.

  2. Awww what a baby!!, I looove the close-up pic, it came out adorable!! you gotta frame that one for your Mom! ^_*


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