Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Letter.

Still pondering some V-Day ideas? I feel like now that the big day is getting closer I keep getting these random ideas that pop in my head, or someone tells me about, or I run across something in someone else's blog that gets other thoughts flying through my head, you get the point.

I love when that happens and then hate when that happens because it's never ending.  How do you know which idea to go with?

I love the idea of a love letter.  They can be long, short, straight to the point, dance around the reason WHY you love someone, from a secret admirer, from your crush, from your loved one, from your family.   If you have the ability to share with someone just how much you care about them, why not write it down and let it be known?

I took a similar approach here.  Straight to the point. "I love you with all of my heart." It encompasses all of my feelings in a short sentence, but has so much meaning behind it.


  1. very cute! I am definitely a fan of that idea!

  2. so cute :)

  3. Love the idea and luvv the pic!! ^_^


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