Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Time.

The past couple of months have been rough.

I've gotten two separate phone calls from my mom telling me that first, back in mid-January, our family cat Misty couldn't move.  She just sat on my bed in my mom's house meowing and my sister went to go see what was wrong and Misty couldn't stand up.  I knew over Christmas something was going on because every time Misty stood up she lost her balance.  At first, I thought it was humorous because I thought she was just getting clumsy like me.  Then, when my mom and sister told me about Misty not being able to stand up, I knew. Misty was 14 years old.

Misty and my other cat Mia have a lot in common. At home, we called Misty crotch cat.  Sounds weird, right? She would always jump up on our laps and lay between our thighs and stretch out as far as she could and pass out. Mia does the same thing, never have I know a cat to do that.  But they both did/do it.

Last night, I get another call from my mom.  The second call.  I knew this one was coming as well, but still didn't make it any easier.  My dog Maggie, who is 12 years old, is being put down to sleep today.  She's had a long happy life.  In fact, she has outlived her mom and all her brothers and sisters.  Must mean we treated her right. The funniest thing about Maggie... she was a big black lab and would squeeze herself under our coffee room table every night when we watched TV in the living room. Every now and then she would let out a big sigh as if to let us know that she was still there and we were boring her.  Well...that is what I always thought. One other thing... EVERY time I tried to take a picture of her she would cover her face! Hilarious, except going through all my pictures to get a good one to show you all how cute she was had her face covered up most of the time.  I still love this picture though.  It's Maggie sunbathing on our lawn chairs by the pool :)

Now it's time. It's time to say goodbye to the last thing my family had together as a whole, pre-divorce.  Time to look forward at all the things to come.


  1. Sorry to hear about your dog, it is a very pretty dog.

  2. So much sadness so close together. I'm yet to experience the loss of a my first pet- truly can't imagine when it does xx

  3. This is so sad. Losing pets is not easy. Over on my blog around page 2 is Mabel who we lost last year. I still shed tears. So glad you have wonderful memories of your dog and family together.


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