Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Wedding Weekend

Are you all getting tired of me going to all these weddings and talking about them yet?

Too bad :) I have one more.  I've got seven down and one more to go for the year! In the mean time how about I show you what this past one looked like?  I am so glad I took so many pictures (and passed along my camera to a friend for some other candid shots) so I could share them with the bride and groom to remember the evening.

Speeches - Bride with Groom and His Brothers
My Fav! 
Bobby, Anne, Me, and Walt
Anne with the Boys
Anne and Bobby
At the Ceremony
Groom's Cake
Now onto the Awkward and Awesome of my week this week - sorry I started this a couple of weeks ago and didn't get around to it last week.


  • Saying goodbye to some of my friends before moving to then see them a few hours later after I just cried my eyes out... 
  • The waiter at dinner asking if we were hot sitting outside because they turned on the heater (yah it's really not that cold), my response well you can take off your shirt.... and he says what?! And then I respond by saying well your in black and him thinking I told him he WAS black. Little miscommunication
  • Talking to a friend's parents at the wedding this weekend and them telling me thanks for being nice to Geogie and me thinking for one second they were talking about a a guy.... nope they were talking about their daughter I had just met and talked to the night before. OOPS! 
  • My friend peeing on my couch... they shall remain nameless but GEEZE cleaning up someone else's pee is NOT my cup of tea.  
  • Going to our good friend's beautiful wedding in KC to have a fantastic weekend with some of our best friends before moving
  • Moving to Denver - DUH! 
  • Starting my job this week - well sorta - I took a whole bunch of tests and actually PASSED! Even the sexual harassment test :) I tend to have a natural mind and let whatever come to it come out of my mouth... my friends thought this would pose a challenge when taking the test
  • Getting two dogs this week.  Not really... but staying at my BF's parents house they have two of the cutest dogs and they sleep with me every night and sleep all up in my business.  Which I LOVE since I love to cuddle
  • Having dinner with my bestie Kara tonight to celebrate us being back in the same state again after both moving from KC (her 3 months ago - me this week)
  • The weather in Denver, while it's been a little rainy the past couple of days, the fact it's not 100 degrees is amazing! 

Welp... that's all for tonight! I hope you all have an amazing night!

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