Thursday, September 1, 2011

What a View

Day two of my NYC blog posts.  Still on day one of my trip.  You have to understand.... by the time I got into NYC late Thursday night, I was informed of a giant hurricane that was headed my way and was supposed to hit Sunday night.  Aside from my desire to actually witness a real live hurricane, I soon realized this could totally rain on my parade for my NYC vacay. With that thought in mind, Katie, Kara and I decided we better make the most out of the one day we knew we would for sure get to go out and about in the city before the storm hit.

We walked 100 miles.. well no not really. It was probably about five, but MAN my feet hurt.

*Note to self (and anyone visiting NYC): Walking around NYC in flip flops is just about the worst idea EVER.

After much back and forth, we finally decided to go to the tourist attraction "Top of the Rock." Now I have Katie and Kara to thank for being good friends about this.  Katie lives in NYC so no real reason to go to the top of this building, and Kara had recently visited NYC and did the tourist stuff so it wasn't on the top of her list of things to do this time around.  But with all of the rooftop bars closed until 5, which to me was just weird in itself, we had some time to kill in the afternoon.  So thanks ladies for doing that for me!

View of the Empire State Building

View of Central Park
Katie, Kara, Me
Want to hear something crazy?

These pictures were taken with my iPhone!!! I used the Camera+ App which is my favorite app EVER on the iPhone. I strongly suggest it.  This phone has completely replaced my small digital camera I used to carry everywhere with me in college.  Thank God for Apple.

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  1. I am trying to be really patient and wait for Sprint to get the iphone... this post basically has me convinced that waiting is the thing to do!

    Glad to see Irene didn't ruin your trip!



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