Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best Night... EVER!

To preface this, you are really not going to find this post interesting at all unless you A) Watch "True Blood" on HBO B) Know who Alexander Skarsgard is.

So if that applies to YOU. Hollar at a girl when she gets to actually be at the SAME party AND take a picture with Alexander Skarsgard!

Long story short, on my mini trip to NYC with my new co-workers during my training we went to a long dinner and didn't get out until about 11-12 at night. With the night young (for New Yorkers apparently) we met up with my friend/co-workers friend who lives in the city.  We met her after a forever cab ride (at least it felt like forever) at at small bar.  None of us had ever heard of it but went with the flow.  We walk upstairs to find there are about 20-25 people at this "bar" which we come to find is just a small party where people are singing karaoke.  I head into the bathroom to freshen up to then walk out and have my friends tell me "ERIC NORTHMAN IS HERE."  My friend Mal, who is just as obsessed with the show and HIM as I am, drops this huge bomb on me and I literally about peed my pants.  My other friend had to tell me to calm the heck down so I didn't seem like a freak. All I wanted to do when I went to NYC was to SEE an actor/actress, and there was one about 5 feet from me. WHATTTTT!!!!

Ok I said long story short... so here goes the short.  Basically with there only being 20ish people there Mal and I felt simply walking up to Alexander would be weird and draw too much attention and possibly get us kicked out.  So we opted for our other option.  Ballet and spas dance 10 ft from him to get his attention.  Yes I just said that, and yes we did that. I'm a dork and will do just about anything to have a good time especially when it involves getting an actors attention.  I'm definitely not discrete by any means :)

Mal wanted to go outside for a minute and I told her I'd go with her to then see Alexander and his posse leaving the bar.  This was our chance! We followed them out (since we were already going out there... wink wink), to find paparazzi taking pictures of him.  Dang it. Now how would I get a picture.... So with that I gave up.

Yah right... I was not leaving without a picture.  I ended up really giving up for about 5 seconds, to then have someone say look he is stuck at the cross walk.  I grabbed Mal and we sprinted over to take a picture with him.  Ahh.... relief. SUCCESS.  Gosh he is tall isn't he? I'm 5'9" if that says anything about this picture.

Welp that's all folks.  Met Alexander Skarsgard (i.e. Eric Northman from True Blood) and went to the same small party as him and danced with him (well at him - same thing).

Excuse my crappy picture... my iPhone served as my camera although especially at this point I'd much rather have my other, nicer camera! Oh well.  A picture is a picture when you are talking about one WITH/OF an actor/actress, right?

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  1. ahhhhhh that is so awesome! celebrity sightings excite me a little more than they should... and I dont even watch True Blood


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