Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Day Is It?

Oh it's Tuesday....All day I thought it was Monday. In fact, so did Meggy.  We were emailing back and forth about our "I See, You See" thinking it was TOMORROW.  Ooops. So our apologies we have to push our "I See, You See" to tomorrow since we both got a little behind with the long weekend.

So for today I will keep it short and sweet.  As you can tell I've been a little M.I.A.  This weekend was filled with going away celebrations, wedding festivities, moving to Denver (yep... I'm officially in Denver now).

Yesterday was my first time on the road for over five hours alone (well Mia was with me).  The drive was probably the most boring 8 hours of my life.  Walt had forewarned me about how there isn't much to look at on the way from KC to Denver, but did tell me to keep an eye out for the wind farm in Kansas about 2.5 hours into the drive.  So here we have it... the most exciting part of my drive (sorry for the sloppy iPhone photo - it was dangerous enough doing this let alone using my huge camera!)

This wind farm was literally in the middle of NOWHERE and went on for MILES!!!

Stay tuned for our ISUS tomorrow, our theme is FOOD! YUM!

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  1. It's still a lovely photo, even if it is just a snap from your phone. :) So glad you made it safe and sound to Denver!


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