Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Central Park to be exact.

I told you I was going to give you little peeks into my trip to NYC this week since my schedule is crazy the next week with moving.  No... unfortunately there will be no pictures of the infamous "Hurricane Irene."  That woman has got some nerve getting me all hyped up, canceling my flight out on Sunday and not having anything to show for it (well in NYC that is).

Today I want to give you a fun little series of photos of our walk/hop in Central Park. I've never been to Central Park before and was excited to see it in person after seeing it in SO many movies.  It's huge and just as great as I had expected.  It looked so relaxing watching all the New Yorkers just hanging out in the park laying in the grass, playing with their dogs, and reading books on the park benches.  After walking around for a while we were needing to change things up a bit.  We opted to take some candid shots right there in Central Park.  Why not jump of benches and look completely ridiculous while onlookers gave us weird faces?

Fun stuff right? Yes.. if you are wondering... there were some dress malfunctions while jumping in the air and flying like birds!

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