Thursday, January 5, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Kitty

You read me right. Kitty.  Cats can also be awkward just as humans can believe it or not.....


  • The fact that my kitty, Mia, managed to climb into the fridge as I was making dinner tonight.  The fridge shut behind her and she was VERY lucky I thought I saw her walk in there before it shut!
  • Even more awkward, literally two minutes later, I was switching out my laundry and turned to my dryer to put more clothes in and look who I found! A second attempt at kitty suicide! 
  • Sitting in my house ALL day job searching online - this is about the least amount of fun one could have.  Writing endless cover letters is a job in itself.  Don't' let anyone say anything differently.  You're just not getting paid - blah!
  • That same awkward kitty is also very awesome - no longer waking me up meowing anymore in the middle of the night. Now her problem is cuddling too much and waking me up!
  • I'm officially in the interview process - so better than sending out cover letters and resumes to no man's land and never hearing back! Cheers! 
  • Vampire Diaries starts tonight - yes I am a 16 year old wanna be and am in love with this show. But mostly the hot guys!
  • My trip to Winter Park with my friends was absolutely AWESOME! Lots of fun and funny memories to have. 
  • Finally getting back into shape - well sorta - when the dog I was running with today was sprinting ahead at full speed and I was dying... didn't feel so in shape. But we did make it almost 5 mile

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