Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awkward & Awesome

  • Standing in line at the unemployment office. Awkward in every sense.  Especially when weirdos try and talk to you. 
  • Learning what Missouri's maximum unemployment pay is.  Let's just say that I am so happy I do not have to support a family on it.  It shines a whole new light on unemployment for me. WOW. 
  • Taking Lucy, the BFs dog, on a run at the park and on the second lap around she stops to take a poop.  I instantly freaked out because it was right in the middle of the path and I had no plastic bags.  Naturally I pulled her off the path to stop her and she ended up sprinting the other way to catch a squirrel and I slipped and fell on a piece of ice. Awkward having the lady I just passed see me wipe out. OOOPS. 
  • Making the AMAZING tasting cheese fondue appetizer for the BF this week for the first time.  Not only did I get everything timed perfectly, it tasted amazing.  Thanks little sis for the awesome fondue set.  My thighs will thank you later in life! 
  • Being in Colorado with Walt's family.  It's so nice to go over to his parents house for family dinner when my family is back in Oklahoma and I'm missing them so much.
  • Taking Kara to her first hard core Yoga class.  I am slowly trying to prove to people it IS a work out.  I actually sweat more doing yoga than running 4 miles... weird. 
  • The BF sent me beautiful flowers to brighten up my days(s) and my apartment.  What a sweetie. 


  1. Awww hope things start looking up for you girl! At least you ended this post on a positive note, that's definitely a start :)

  2. i just came across and found your blog :) and i love it ! love awkward&awesome rubric :) way to go!


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