Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward & Awesome

  • When I get done working out and my cat comes and sits on my lap to start licking my arms - Sicko
  • Trying to do the tutorial that I am posting tomorrow - I am better suited on the other side of the camera... guess you will just have to come back and see! 
  • Pretending to like football and watching it with all guys - four hours of that sport is just too much.  I'm considering trying to figure out what exactly half the stuff they say/do means! 
  • Phone Interviews.
  • Finally getting the BFs Christmas gift a Burberry Watch which I am currently obsessed with! We ordered it right before Christmas for full price and due to complications had to re-order it to find out that it was actually on SALE! Heck ya! If you love it like I do call Nordy right away before they sell out!
  • Having 4 interviews in less than a week - Thank God the ball is finally rolling!
  • I may possibly be selling one of my photos on a website! That means I'd actually make money from a photo.  That means I'm one step closer to being known for my photos. Heck I'll take it if ONE person buys it!
  • I get to ski in Vail this weekend - Pretty pumped to have some good snow and gets some more runs in at the start of the season. 

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