Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I See. You See.

New Year. New Pics.

With 2012 already three days in {amazing isn't it?} Meggy and I are blowing full steam ahead with our ICUC pictures.  Now, here is the kicker, to keep it up we are ALWAYS looking for more ideas and themes for pictures.  Think you have a good idea? Shoot an email to lmajor9 at or post a comment!

So back to the reason why you are here.  The theme! Today's theme is but of course related to NYE.

For me, as I talked about yesterday, I had an amazing time in Winter Park with my friends! After vegging on lots of junk food, and drinking non-stop I am ready to kick my working out into full gear.  Today was my first time to work out since before Christmas and BOY did I feel the weekend running on my back! Anyone else having this problem getting back into the swing of things?

As for Meggy, let's see how she brought in the new year shall we?

My last purchase of 2011 were new Kate Spade booties (on sale, too!) which I promptly wore that night with my NYE outfit.  I like to think I started the new year with my best foot forward (and toting around a newborn).

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  1. OH MY GOSH THOSE BOOTIES ARE TOO CUTE! I LOVE Kate Spade so I am super jealous of this purchase!

    Hope you are having a great New Year so far! :)

    xox Lara of


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