Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward & Awesome

Yes Mia is doing EXACTLY what it looks like. She is acting like a dog.  For those people that don't like cats, they are JUST like dogs and this is proof!


  • Dancing at my friend's engagement party with the BF and when he spun me he forgot to CATCH me! So I ended up on the floor in front of the entire party.  This should do it alone for the awkward moments of the week. 
  • Watching the 49ers play on Sunday with the BFs family and not thinking before speaking I ask, "Is that a body bag on the field?" As the medics get the gurney for a player that was stuffed inside what looked like a body bag to me.  Clearly I need to watch more football. 
  • Almost biting it big time two times in less than a minute due to texting and not watching where I was walking.  Definitely need to watch out for stairs. 
  • Mia licking out of the toilet and me forgetting and giving her kisses.. Bleh.
  • My friends.  Especially those who are helping me get through this hard time being unemployed and helping me find other great opportunities.  I love you all you are amazing. 
  • I am actually going back to Tulsa this minute. I found a cheap flight somehow early this week and off I go.  Although I am having to fly to OKC and drive with my sister to Tulsa for over an hour.  Oh well. It's worth it. 
  • Doing my first giveaway of the year - that is always awesome!!! Enter now!
  • Walt cooked me a yummy dinner last night! Yes I know I am unemployed and should be cooking for him - but it's only fair if we take turns right? 


  1. these awkward and awesome posts always make me happy. it's also a fun one on which to find a blog ;) my biggest a cat lady, I am in TOTAL AGREEMENT that cats are so much like dogs that dog people just don't like to admit it. haha. Ours wait for us at the door. No jokes! hope you have fun in Tulsa :) I have fam there! xoxo {av}

  2. haha i seriously love this idea of awkward and awesome


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