Monday, January 9, 2012

Blow Me Over Why Don't You

Over the holiday's I was reached out to by a representative from Missiko to see if I'd be interested in trying out they Hana Air blow dryer and give my opinion.  Obviously I jumped at the opportunity.  I love trying out new things!

To make this quick and easy to make your decision if you want to buy this hair dryer, I figured it would be best to break it out to a list of pros & cons.  I'm a huge list maker so I figured myself and everyone reading would benefit from this approach.


  • This blow dryer has an insane amount of power! Drying my hair in half the time it typically takes (15 minutes down to 7 minutes)
  • Extremely long cord, 12 feet, I mean I could walk around my house with this thing.  Well not really but you get the point
  • There are 3 heat settings in addition to a "cool" button
  • There is a low and high blowing setting.  I used high on most of my head, and then recommend using it on low if you use a round brush like me and don't want your hair flying all over the place
  • It has a 2 year warranty - yes please. Most of the hair dryers I have used to date have been purchased at Target (Conair) and typically last me about 2 years and then run down eventually
  • The high fan speed knots my hair more than normal.  I have A LOT of very fine blonde hair so had to go down to the low fan setting to avoid getting overly tangled
  • Cost.  If I was rich {which we all know I'm not} I'd happily purchase this blow dryer.  It is on SALE right now for $194.99, a 42% discount which is pretty awesome
  • When using the highest heat, I'd use it farther from your head.  I got a bit too close and fried some of my hair - absolutely my fault as I've done this before.  Just though a friendly reminder to use caution on such high heater blow dryers
Overall, I would say this is a pretty amazing hair dryer. Anything that eliminates the amount of time I have to put into getting ready gets my vote. So if you are like me and measure everything you buy on a CPW/CPU (Cost-Per-Wear/Use), you will get yours money's worth. 

To learn more about this hair dryer please go here. Also, you can check out some of their other products on their website. Lastly, they also sell Chi Straighteners and curling irons as well. 

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  1. Looks like a great tool! The cost is definitely a little off putting, but your list of pros seems to outweigh the cons.

    I take my hair very seriously, but I've never spent a great amount of money on a blow dryer. Which now that I think about it is a little silly, especially since it's the main hair tool that I use!

    Great post -- super helpful :)

    xox Lara of

  2. Dying to try this drier!!!!!


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