Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I See. You See.

To brighten up the little funk I've been over the past few days I thought what better to base today's theme on then "color."

Color always brightens my mood and makes me happy. I get into funks where I just wear black, white, and grey and realize it days afterwards because it was reflecting the mood I was in.

So color it is.

My picture came from our new "dinner club" we are forming at my friend Rachel and Annie's house.  Rachel hosts the blog Reckless Abandon Cook that I love and get a lot of recipes from.  Since basically none of our friends really know how to cook more than a baked chicken or pasta, we have challenged Rachel to teach us some of her cooking magic. Tonight it was cod with some orzo.  Both new recipes for me! It was light and yummy and your should definitely stop by her blog to check out the recipe!

As for Meggy, she went to what she is known for best.  Her amazing fashion sense.

A colorful closet is a happy closet (in my book).  This is my new skirt to add to my already colorful closet.  You'll have follow my blog along to see when and how I wear it! ;)

Do you all get in a better mood when you wear colors???

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  1. Colors make me feel bright and cheery! My wardrobe literally has every color in it, even that funky green no one likes. I am s u p e r excited to be your newest follower!
    Biggest love,
    Victoria from Unlock Your World


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