Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What If Wednesday

I've been doing some thinking. I'm going to try out a new theme for Wednesdays (hopefully this goes over all and suggestions are always welcome). The theme being "What If" Wednesdays.

I find myself constantly giving "what if" scenarios.  I get weird faces most of the times because a lot of my "what ifs" are random and off the wall.  Some make sense and make people (myself included) think for a minute.

So to start today's theme, due to the the abundance of snow we received last night (2-3 inches my butt), a thought came to me.....

What if I was to get completely snowed in at my house

What would I eat since I hadn't gone to the store in about a month? How long would it take before I went crazy?  Maybe I would just take an Ambien and sleep off the entire day hoping someone would finally come dig me out. What would you do?

On a different note, Meggy and I weren't able to do our ICUC yesterday due to family matters, so I wanted to share with you mu Full Moon shot I got that I was going to post yesterday.

Check it out you can actually see the shadows (or whatever those are) on the moon!

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