Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good Morning. Good Morning.

This is how I started my day this morning.

This is Harley.  Remember her? She's my little sister Katie's little bundle of joy.  Katie came down to celebrate my birthday early with me (I turn the big 2-6 tomorrow) and brought along Harley.  She's the cutest boston terrier I have ever seen and she is SO LOVEY... especially when it comes to sleeping in bed.

Every night when Katie and I would go to bed Harley was right there with us.  Not only that... but she would wiggle her little crooked tail underneath the covers and sleep right between us. She acted as a little space heater all night.

Well this morning when I was waking up look who crawled up between me and Katie and decided she not only needed the covers but a pillow too! (and yep that's Katie still sleeping in the background)

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