Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pinhole Press

Pinhole Press you ask yourself?

I too had never heard of it until Megan had sent me the link as something to check out for a blog topic/photo gift idea. I immediately fell in love.

Pinehole Press has everything from day planners to photo books for that special someone or for YOURSELF!

With mother's day just around the corner I thought I'd gift you some gift ideas while it's still early.  We all know we wait until 5 days before mother's day and realize, "SHOOT, I forgot to get mom something for mother's day!" Well I do at least... I am human and can get pretty busy these days!

Some of my favorite items are:

Desk Calendar for the Working Mom
Desk Blotter to keep the family activities organized - keep HER life organized
Collage Frame
There are a multitude of great photo ideas for gifts.  Check them out and order them in time for mother's day right around the corner!

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