Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meggy D.

So yesterday in our photography class we got to take a little field trip... across the street.

Our mission was to capture something for our final class photo, which I did, but am going to show that off on the final "I See, You See," so you'll have to come back for those.

What picture I CAN share with you is a picture I took of Meggy while she was trying to get her picture of me! Let me just tell you... she looked much better on the other side of my camera as opposed to the picture she was gonna get of me yesterday.  Just one of those delightful days you decide to dress down and not care what you look like when someone wants to take a picture of you...

I love how this is sharply focused on her while it blurred the background. This is still using the standard lens on my camera... haven't quite purchased that fixed focal lens I have my eyes set on.  I had it set on the lowest F-Stop, 5.6 on my camera, and zoomed out completely to get this picture.

Want to learn more about her outfit?  Check out her post today!!!

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