Friday, November 25, 2011

2-Day Celebration

This is a little late, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I was a little incognito over the past few holi-days trying to cook, catch up with friends and family, and catch up on a little R&R.

But of course, just like most times I come home over Thanksgiving, I'm starting to get sick.  You know the sore throat and achy body. How annoying. I work so hard to have a vacation and when I finally get home I feel like poop :( I guess when things finally DO slow down, gives you time to catch a cold.

To give you a brief overview of what the past couple of days have consisted for me....

Mom and Me on Thanksigiving

My idea of Thanksgiving
Wouldn't you know it.  I took a picture of our Thanksgiving dinner on actual Thanksgiving with just me and my mom (she was cool enough tho make my favorite meal while we pushed Thanksgiving dinner off a day for my sister to get home), but forgot to take a picture when we celebrated with my sister tonight?  OOOPS. Guess that just goes to show how excited we were to celebrate and eat up!

How was everyone else's Thanksgiving?  Anything excited happen visiting with your families?

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  1. that meal made my mouth water! as did your dessert : )

    I hope you start to feel better! I tend to get a little achy icky sick any time I go to a new climate a.k.a. on a vacation lol


  2. I hate when that happens. When you're going non-stop it's okay but when you stop your body seems to go into shock!

    Ps. Love your idea of a Thanksgiving Dinner!

  3. We dont celebrate it here in Norway, so no, nothing exciting but I love reading all about the traditions. =)

    Followed btw, hope you dont mind. And maybe youll visit me someday.


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