Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How High?

Can he jump?

He meaning Enzo.  One of my sister's boston terriers.

When I was at home I got my fill of the four pups my mom and sister have combined. With stepping in poop in my room, seeing pee on my mom's nice curtains, and then stepping in poop again barefoot in my room (yes twice) I again learned that I am not a big fan of multiple small dogs in one household.  Not to say I don't like them at all, just not for me.  I'd rather step in a huge pile of poop than something that can be hidden its so small. Well not really. Just a big dog fan, bigger cuddle buddies, right?

Plus I don't have to worry about having a small dog that leaps over fences like Enzo. When a woman walked by with her dog the dogs went crazy jumping and barking all over the place.  Especially Enzo. He literally almost jumped over the fence.  I have NEVER seen a dog jump that high and I was actually scared he'd get out!

I was lucky enough to catch the little buggar on camera!

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