Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Can Be Awkward AND Awesome

Remember how I said I needed some time to let you into my house while I decorate and make it an actually home here in Denver?

I gave you look into my bathroom, which was my first completed room.

Now let me welcome you into my "dining" room.  Let me break down where I got most of these items:

  • Dining Room Table which is a very nice and HEAVY (according to Walt and his friends who helped move it) - Dad via my parent's divorce
  • Green wall decoration - Mom when she bought it for her house and decided she didn't like it in her house, she bought it at a local florist shop which is cool and you'd never expect to find something like this there
  • Side Table Against the Wall - Dad via divorce 
  • Painting - IKEA for my five year anniversary.  Would you believe it was only $125? I fell in love right away. And yes... I know that everyone and their mom probably has it and it's not original but who the heck cares :) It's art and it's mine and I love it! 
So the moral of the story is.... parent's divorce = furnishings for your house.

What do you think?  Think I'm getting there? 


  • Walking to Walt's house last night I slipped on black ice, cracked my phone, bruised my elbows and the back of my head! OUCH! You know when you trip/fall in public you ALWAYS look around to see if anyone saw you... yep did that.  No one around, which almost made it worse that no one else saw how hard I fell. On an even more pathetic note, if I saw myself fall I would have laughed at me.  Now that is karma. 
  • Having to pee so bad in an office today that I was dancing around trying to hold it in to SPRINT to the bathroom the second I left the office. Worst and best feeling once I found a bathroom.  Sorry TMI I know! 
  • Trying to find "business professional" work clothes in my close that are both professional and warm with these crazy snow days in the middle of the week.  I ended up wearing business on top and Uggs on bottom to trek through the snow to the different offices.
  • My sister Katie met most of the BFs family for the first time this weekend and we all had a GREAT time. Love them both! 
  • Realizing today that I feel 100% less stressed than I did five weeks ago when I first started my job.  Don't' get my wrong I still have some work to do, but it's a good feeling to not feel completely worthless at my job. 
  • My sister may move to Denver sooner rather than later! YAYYYY!!!!
  • Thursdays.  Love all my Thursday night shows and doing NOTHING and enjoying my alone time. 
  • Having different groups of friends meet for the first time and hit it off!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. 


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