Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I See. You See.

Tis' the season for the F&F (food & family)!

This week's ICUC, gives you a snapshot of our favorite parts about our Thanksgiving holiday this year.

My favorite part was actually being able to contribute something to our Thanksgiving dinner(s). I made my very first stuffed artichokes! Yum! I have always been a fan of artichokes, especially stuff ones that I usually get at either a restaurant or my Nanna's house every Christmas. This year, my mom thought it would be a new little treat if we made our own this Thanksgiving.  We actually made three so we could continue the yumminess over a few days and share with friends.

As for Meggy, she took it ALL in with her lens!

This year our family Thanksgiving was huge!  It seemed everyone was in town, so there was tons of food that covered the 10-person table. Some of my Thanksgiving favorites are sweet potatoes, meat pies and stuffing. Mmmm, now if only I still had leftovers...

I hope everyone got their fill of Thanksgiving and family because we only have a little over three weeks to stuff our faces again and revisit those embarrassing moments we may have said after too much to drink :)  You know we all did/said something stupid to be brought back up again at Christmas time for a good laugh!

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  1. I want the stuffed Artichoke Recipe!! Send it my way! :) Looks so yummy


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