Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reckless Abandon Preview

Last week I caught up with some girlfriends from my sorority who just happen to live here now too! One was from here, and the other recently moved from Dallas shortly after I did. After months of trying to coordinate everyone's schedules we finally got together for happy hour. It was awesome catching up after so many years had gone by since college (well not so many - but enough to get lost in all the things that have changed since then). At HH, we decided we should do a cooking class with our friend Rachel, who happens to have her own blog,  Reckless Abandon, which is all about recipes and cooking.  Her recipes are easy understand and even better, easy to make (for the most part), so who better to learn to cook from in our new city.

With having to entertain family and friends more frequently with the holidays coming up fast and furious, what better time to learn how to cook yummy meals that won't break the bank then the NOW?!

We got together last night for a little cooking tutorial on how to make Rachel's spinach stuffed chicken with blistered tomatoes featured on her blog here.

It was super simple and VERY yummy I must say.  I just hope the next time I get around to cooking (which isn't really that frequently let's be honest), it tastes just as good!


  1. How fun!! :D I love getting together with old friends.

  2. Laura, thanks for the post! I had a blast with you girls last night. Let's do it again!

  3. That chicken looks AMAZING! If I ate meat I would be all over that recipe!



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