Monday, July 11, 2011

5th Time is a Charm

5th what you ask?  Wedding! I have five down and three to go!

This was the wedding that I was actually IN this Summer for my friend Mandi.  Mandi and Matt have been dating since high school, that's almost 11 years! How insane does that sound? I've never known Mandi without dating Matt and I couldn't imagine them NOT together.  They are a perfect match.  They are both cool as cucumbers (stole that phrase from The Bachelor tonight).

I have never seen such a laid back couple prior to the wedding as they were this weekend. DJ didn't show up until 30 minutes until we were supposed to start the reception, nope Mandi didn't panic.  Little flower girl had a minor breakdown prior to walking the aisle, nope Mandi just smiled and knew it was all going to be perfect.  It was remarkable really.

Mandi and Matt got married at Mildale Farm which is about 45 minutes outside of Kansas City at this beautiful farm which was about 600 acres. It was basically picture perfect. Driving up to the farm I was so pumped to see what pictures I'd get over the weekend.  Little did I know I was going to end up with nearly 500 pictures. Good. Bad. Funny. Romantic. You name it.

Here is a little (or a big) peak into Mandi and Matt's wedding.

Mandi and Matt Pre-Wedding

Mandi in her mother's wedding dress at the rehearsal dinner. So Sweet. 
Mandi with her Bridesmaids - Teaching Walt to take pictures. See the sun right on Mandi's face! 
All the boys happened to show up in basically the same outfit and we were feeling a little cheesy - Excuse Sarah on the far left she was feeling a little frisky! Left (Sarah and Hydn), Middle (Kara and Chad), Right (Me and Walt) 
The Dress!!!

Getting her dress on with one of the bridesmaids holding a fan to keep her cooled off
Now THIS is a candid shot.  Mandi relaxing before the ceremony, champagne in hand! 
Walking to the Rehearsal Dinner
Post Wedding Ceremony Pictures
Sarah (Left) and Katie (Right)
Kara (Left) and Katie (Right)
Mandi and Matt's First Dance

Lip Syncing to Journey Don't Stop Believing

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  1. love Love LOVE! So gorgeous Mandi! And Laura - beautiful pictures!


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