Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meet Enzo.

You ask another animal on her blog?

I ask the same thing. My sister, Katie, decided she wanted ANOTHER dog.  Yes, ANOTHER dog. She's had her hands full with Harley for the past two years, and is about to start her first job as a nurse in OKC, I told her no, my mom told her no.... but no matter what we said we couldn't convince her that getting a second boston terrier was a bad idea.

Que Enzo.

Regardless of what anyone thought, Katie made the big decision to adopt another dog.  This time she was a little smarter and adopted a boston terrier that was a year and a half and actually potty trained.

He is bulging blue eyes (little creepy when you first look at him not going to lie) and is so tiny.  Compared to Harley he is about half the size.

So yes another animal. But not just any animal. His name is Enzo and he is now part of my family which  now consists of four dogs, a cat (Mia), my mom and sister.


  1. oh my goodness! That is a lot of animals. haha! Awesome though. :) And awesome that she adopted him!

  2. And oh my goodness... just saw your "lovely Lisa" post under your popular post section... I was totally rooting for her!! :D haha!


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