Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I See, You See.

Welcome to "I See, You See" Tuesday.

This week's theme is: MONEY

We all love money don't we? I can't name a person that doesn't for that matter. Not that I think that money is what makes people, happy, but it sure doesn't hurt!

For my picture today, I had Walt help me out.  I kept trying to get some photos indoors and the lighting in my little baby house is stupidly dark so I ventured outside on the front porch. I knew Walt had a ziplock bag of money so asked him to bring it over in hopes of combining it with my ziplock baggy of money to mesh together hundreds of coins to make a cool picture. Well... that didn't work.  My creative juices were running low on power when trying to come up with something creative, so I thought I'd share a funny story about Walt's ziplock baggy of money.

A month or so ago Walt had taken one of his ziplock bags of change (yes, he has multiple) and put it in his console to take to the bank.  He had left his car outfront of my house one weekend and when he came to get his car he got in the car and realized his stuff was thrown everywhere! He was a genius and forgot to lock his car. He thought his nice sunglasses were stolen and his ipod was still in the car, so for the life of him he could figure out what the person had stolen.  When he got home and thought a little harder, he looked inside his console to find that his big bag of change was gone! Probably $50+ worth.  Our assumption: A homeless man came checking for unlocked cars.  To top it off, he was a spaz and had his sunglasses somewhere else so he didn't lose those! Phew!

As for Megan, here's what she has to say about her photo this week:

One Valentine's Day, years ago,  I gave my husband a giant bottle of Crown Royal - his favorite liquor at the time.  Ever since he finished the liquid, he's used the washed out bottle to collect his loose change.  Growing up, my dad also collected his loose change in an over sized liquor bottle.  Do your guys in your life do this?  At least it made for a cool photo!

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