Sunday, July 24, 2011

That Time of My Life

Is happening RIGHT NOW as all my friends are getting engaged, married, having babies.... Therefore I get to practice all my picture taking more than usual as I see it!

This weekend Walt and I went our friends Bobby and Anne's country themed engagement party.

Leading up to the party Walt had mentioned something about the party being country themed, so what do I think...I think I have to dress country.  Wouldn't you?  I come to find out that the theme WAS country, however, that didn't mean I had to dress country.  Good thing because I own nothing of the sort. Not even cowboy boots unfortunately for me.

Back to the real reason for celebrating... Bobby and Anne. They are so, so cute together.  When you watch them you know that they truly love each other. That is one of my favorite parts about my friends getting married, when you get just see the love between them and how happy they are. These two are getting hitched over Labor Day weekend so all the festivities are kicking into full gear (I'm helping throw another party later this Summer I'll tell you all about). I wanted to share a little fun that they had at the party to top off the great weekend I had.  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well and your ready to kick off the new week!!!

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