Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello Plaza.

I had a great evening with the BF tonight.

Right after work we got a massage on the Plaza to relieve some stress and kick back and relax. We were both in desperate need of one.  The masseuses oddly told both of us that we were already "relaxed" and we both looked at them like are you crazy.  I guess what they meant was that our legs weren't tense (duh), but our backs were a wreck (duh), I could have told them that! Guess all that work at a computer all day does a body bad :)

After dinner we ran home to rinse off and get ready for dinner. Our initial plan was to walk next store to P.F Chang's, but then quickly realized we were both disgusting.  When I looked at Walt and asked if I'd be able to just rinse off instead of washing my hair he looked at me like... nice try, you need to wash everything. Dang it!

After getting all cleaned up we headed over the P.F Chang's for some lettuce wraps (I had a free coupon you may have seen a while back), Chang's Spicy Chicken, and Mongolian Beef. SO GOOD.

When we were done, I realized I had forgotten to take my picture for today.  Walt suggested we walk across the street to the fountains that were filled with people taking pictures.  My mom also pointed out that Kansas City was the city of fountains. Apparently I need to do my research.  I haven't done ANY pictures of fountains in KC! So here I am.  Finally getting in my fountain picture.  But what I really love are the clouds.

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  1. what a pretty photo... you captured the fountain and the water so beautifully!! i agree with you though, the clouds are the best part. sounds like an amazing day <3shelby


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