Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just a Walk in the Park

With little Mille. You remember her, right?

Katie, Kara, Sarah, and myself gave Millie to Mandi and Matt as their engagement gift.  My present to Mandi (along with a couple of other things) was to watch Millie while they went on their honeymoon.

Boy did I underestimate how much Millie would grow since April! She is still cute as a button though.

I knew while I was babysitting the little bugger that I wanted to have a mini photo shoot with her. She made it pretty easy considering she is one happy little puppy.  She is 100x more rambunctious than the last time I saw her so Walt and I had to take her to the park to wear her out before bedtime.

We first tested to see how she would do without her leash on by having me run ahead and see if she would chase me.  Mission accomplished. After doing that little test trial we decided to try her off leash.  I had Walt hold her as I ran away so there was some distance between us.  Then I yelled GO and Millie came flying!!!

Of course I took cutesy pictures of her at the park, but I thought these were just too funny and wanted to share first:

Here was her best shot, AFTER we pooped her out!

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  1. Oh my goodness! SO SO cute! :D AH! Shes adorable!


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